Scheduling an Event

Thank you for your interest in holding an event at Country Bookshelf. The following policies and guidelines will hopefully help you understand a bit more about our scheduling process.

Before requesting an event, familiarize yourself with our store and current events schedule. Looking at other upcoming events will give you a good idea as to the kinds of events that we choose to host.

We host a variety of book related events at the store. We prioritize speaking and reading events, and rarely schedule a sit-and-sign only. Events that do not involve a book, such as a workshop or lecture, are considered on a case-by-case basis and only if they apply to our customer’s interests and match the goals and philosophies of our store.

Book availability is a very important factor. Your book must be available through Ingram or a publisher with whom we already have a working relationship. We do not create new publisher accounts for events. In addition to being available from these outlets, books must be returnable and have a standard minimum 40% discount. If your book does not meet these criteria you will be required to go through the consignment process. Books taken on consignment must be accepted into the store and have a proven sales history before we will discuss an event.

Only books that are less than one year past their publication date are considered for events.

Our events coordinator is shy and busy, so please email rather than dropping by the store unexpectedly. We cannot guarantee consultation on a walk-in basis. We also cannot guarantee that any communication via snail mail or phone call will receive a response. Please do not leave unsolicited review copies of your book.

Because Bozeman is a small community, we ask that you do not schedule another event in the immediate area in the month preceding or following an event in our store.

Country Bookshelf does extensive marketing for all events, but it is our expectation that authors will do their own promotion as well. A media contact list and sample press release will be provided to you upon event date confirmation. We highly encourage personal invitations to friends and family. We also ask that authors post to their website and social media accounts.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!