Closed for Inventory 1/8-1/11

Country Bookshelf will be closed January 8-11th for inventory.

Grab your books before January 8th!

We've got to count the books! Having an accurate inventory is huge for booksellers. Nothing compares to the panic and frustration of not being able to find a book that our system says should be on our shelves. This our chance to remedy that. That said, we know it's hard to go a few days without access to the bookstore. Below you can find some tips to get you through this difficult time. 

Things you CAN'T do while we're closed:
- Stop by the store to browse
- Pick up a special order
- Expect a staff member to answer the phone if you call

Things you CAN do while we're closed:
- Visit the public library
- Order books online - please know there will be a delay in filling these orders and that we will notify your order is ready for pick up 
- Support Country Bookshelf on 
- Yearn for the day you can walk through the bookstore again


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