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If there’s one thing the past year has taught us, it would be how to stay at home. Though it may sometimes drive us crazy to spend so much time at home, it has also allowed for more time to read. We’ve all got our little habits that make us more comfortable - a fuzzy blanket, the perfect snack, the right time of day. Get to know our booksellers better through their preferences for the perfect reading experience. 

    Here at Country Bookshelf we all like to snuggle up somewhere comfortable to read. Jeanette says: “Being cozy is my fave thing, so my hammock, my bed, a couch corner with a blanket, are all great places for me.” Some of us like to read in bed after dinner, in a cabin or in a comfy chair facing a window. On the struggle of finding the perfect sitting position, Jessica says: “I can't sit ‘correctly’ in chairs, so I like a space I can sprawl around in, particularly with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa.” Wanting to be near something warm and fuzzy is essential for Frances. “If I'm sitting on a couch, you best bet I have a fuzzy blanket on my lap, no matter what temperature it is outside.” Particular places can also be an important part of an enhanced reading experience. Some places can put you in the right headspace to really put yourself in the story. Matt does a lot of reading at his family’s cabin. “I do half of my yearly reading within a week long span when I go to my cabin.”

    Having the perfect snack or drink is also an important part of the reading experience. Sometimes the foods and drinks in the books we read can have a real influence on us. Ariana observes that “whatever characters in a book are drinking (whether coffee or champagne) is suddenly what I crave while I read.” Both Kasey and Cassie agree that popcorn is the perfect reading snack (quote?). In terms of drinks to accompany reading, coffee and wine are the winners. Anna is a self-professed “bed reader with dogs and wine after dinner.” And Kasey prefers to read in the morning while sipping on coffee. Frances also enjoys coffee, particularly with “oat milk and cinnamon.” Stained pages and greasy fingerprints are commonalities that unite us as readers. Jeanette has observed that “for some reason, though I do not consume pasta in red sauce with high frequency, I have so many memories of getting pasta stains on pages of books while reading and eating.”

    Time of day is an important part of the reading experience, it can influence your mood and overall enjoyment of a book. Cassie’s favorite times to read are at opposite times of day. “I love reading late at night or first thing in the morning, something about those times allows your mind to really be immersed in story.” While Nora observes that she doesn’t “particularly love reading at night time.” Though we may have different ways of experiencing the act of reading 

    Here are some additional fun facts about our booksellers: 

Matt: “I read on impulse. I never sit down planning to read, it's a spontaneous decision every time. I have no problems dropping a book even if I've almost finished it.”

Anna: “I don't feel safe without books in the car in case of emergencies or unplanned stays.”

Ariana: “I read and listen to far too many books at one time which sometimes is confusing and sometimes shows up delightful confluences I might not have noticed otherwise.”

Frances: “In 7th grade I met my favorite author, Wendy Mass, and she was kind enough to sign an entire stack of books for me.”

Jess: “My Dog hates it when I read, and will paw at my books, but she loves walking so she's okay with audiobooks. I am completely immune to spoilers.”

Nora: “I like to listen to music when I read, it doesn't distract me because I'm built different.”


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