Get 'em while they're hot!

The holiday shopping season is flying by! This weekend is the deadline to place your order to arrive in time for the Christmas holiday. Of course 2020 is different in many ways, and that includes the time it takes to receive shipments from our suppliers and for our staff to process them -- orders are taking much longer than ever before. 

Orders received after Sunday 12/13 may have a chance of arriving in time for the holiday, but the likelihood will be significantly diminished. Our staff are working extra hard to help with all your gift-giving needs, so send us your orders as soon as possible! 

See it now, buy it now! If you see something you like, don’t wait, as it might not be available later. Publishers are running out of books much faster than usual, and some books just won't be back in stock again until after the New Year. This also goes for our nonbook merchandise like puzzles, cards, calendars, and other gift items -- most of which are not on our website, but with an email or a phone call we can help you shop these items from a distance. We are doing our best to keep in-demand titles and items well stocked, but we are approaching the event horizon of printing shortages and longer shipping times, so much of this is out of our control. 

All the major shipping companies are working extra hard while having an extra heavy load, and this will likely only get worse the closer we get to Christmas, so plan your shipping early. But hey, there's nothing wrong with getting a gift for New Year's, right?

And as a reminder - Country Bookshelf may be large, but we still must limit our capacity for everyone’s safety. Our first priority is people: customers and staff. Shopping online is a great way to avoid crowds. If you decide to come in person, we recommend bundling up in case you have to wait outside for a few minutes when we are at capacity. We promise it will be worth it! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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