Local Authors in Conversation - Random Acts of Silliness!

Country Bookshelf Presents Random Acts of Silliness! Join us for an in-person event with the creators of Bumblewood Thicket for a glimpse into the magic of the Fairy Village Saturday, Sept 23rd at noon. The image also showcases the Random Acts of Silliness logo which is their name with a whimsical cartoon monster dancing in a field of polka dots. The cover for Bumblewood Thicket 2023 is an animated forest scene with golden light shining.

Reserve your FREE ticket for this magical event today! 

On Saturday, September 23rd at noon, join the creators of the Bumblewood Thicket Fairy Village - as well as a few of the fairy village “architects” and the photography team for a glimpse into the magic on! Presenters will read some passages  from the Bumblewood Thicket book and talk a bit about the collaborative process for creating the fantastical stories and images that accompany each structure in the village. Spoiler - it’s a *mostly* delightful process that involves  a lot of serious fairy research and speculation, as well as occasionally heated debates about confounding questions such as: why do fairies need stairs and ladders, what type of cooking utensils to fairies actually use, and can child fairies fly?


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