Reading Habits Do Good

We’re continuing to reflect on the many challenges and delights of 2020. One thing that kept us going and gave us hope was the outpouring of support we received from our community. We were able to do a lot of things with your support, like keep the doors open and our staff safe. We were also able to share the love with organizations and individuals in our community that needed it. 

The advent of early quarantine procedures spurred our Books 4 Kids program (which is still ongoing). Your generous donations to this program allowed us to help youth across the county have access to books when they couldn’t get to their schools and libraries. We raised over $3,500, which we matched, to donate to Thrive, the Salvation Army, Hopa Mountain, and the Bozeman Public Library Foundation. We also used this money to donate directly to folks affected by the Bridger Canyon Fire. This put more than 800 books into the hands of youth in our community.

We were able to support many other community organizations -- sending more than $12,000 dollars into our community, and more than 200 books. This includes the spotlight giving we did to celebrate Ariana’s 10 year anniversary of owning the store, which saw $500 donations given to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation, the Bozeman Schools Foundation, the MSU Library, the Montana Racial Equity Project, HRDC, Haven, BridgerCare, Cancer Support Community, GVLT, and Thrive. We also sent over $2,000 to local schools through our school book fair program, which we were able to send virtual to several schools this year. 

This is a snapshot of the good your reading habit supports, and we couldn’t do it without you! So thank you Bozeman from the bottom of our book-loving hearts.


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