Welcome to the Country Bookshelf Blog

For nearly sixty years, we at Country Bookshelf have prided ourselves on being more than just somewhere to purchase a book. Of course, we do sell books (we have about 35,000 of them on our shelves and over a million online). However, we are also a community space that hosts around 100 events per year—including book clubs, author events, and workshops. We are a place for like-minded people to come together to discuss ideas or just catch up with old friends. And we think that’s the best part about being a local, independent bookstore—the human connections that exist amongst the shelves. There are a lot of places where you can buy a book, but not very many places where the joy of literature and community flourishes. We think that’s pretty awesome.

This meeting of minds, however, is not confined to the physical location of our store. It has the potential to go beyond that, and we hope this blog will be one more way that we can send that passion out the door and into the world to connect us with those who feel as we do. Although we are very proud to be a local business, we are delighted to be able to connect with you wherever in the world you happen to be. Check back here to find original content including our reviews of books, exclusive content from visiting authors, store news, and lots of behind-the-scenes looks at how we do what we do.

We’re thankful to everyone who has been along for the ride these past decades, and we look forward to all that is still to come.


The Staff at Country Bookshelf