Embedded Design with the Pic18f452 (Paperback)

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Embedded Design with the Pic18f452 (Paperback)


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This book is developed around Microchip's latest family of parts, the PIC18FXXX family. It focuses on the PIC18F452, a new part brought to market in May 2002. It is intended that the reader will find a smooth path to the creative process of writing enhanced application code. This book attempts to organize and unify the development of these three capabilities: to understand and use components, to exploit powerful algorithmic processes, and to break down the complexity of an instrument or device so as to meet its specifications. The book is dedicated toward the development of creative design capability. Throughout this book, the approach taken is to introduce a template of assembly language code that encompasses a set of features of the PIC18F452 plus its interactions with some of the I/O devices resident on a small 4"x4" development board. For electrical engineers who work with the PIC18FXXX family.

John B. Peatman is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is the author of five earlier digital design, microprocessor, and microcontroller textbooks. He is also a director with the Intelligent Systems Corporation. His current research interests include the design of low-cost development tools for microcontrollers. Professor Peatman is a Fellow of the IEEE.
Product Details ISBN: 9780130462138
ISBN-10: 0130462136
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: August 15th, 2002
Pages: 440
Language: English