The Other Woman's House: A Zailer and Waterhouse Mystery (A Zailer & Waterhouse Mystery #6) (Paperback)

July 2012 Indie Next List

“This psychological mystery is certain to send a mid-summer chill up your spine! Hannah has created a tale of domestic betrayal and terror, where one woman's search for answers may lead her either to uncovering the identity of a murderer or succumbing to her own madness. Sure to captivate!”
— Christine Grabish, MacDonald Book Shop, Estes Park, CO

The latest psychological thriller from the internationally bestselling author of The Wrong Mother and The Cradle in the Grave

It's past midnight, but Connie Bowskill can't sleep. To pass the time, she logs on to a real estate website in search of a particular house, one she is obsessed with for reasons she's too scared to even admit to herself. As she clicks through the virtual tour, she comes across a scene from a nightmare: a woman lying facedown on the living room floor in a pool of blood. But when she returns to show her husband, there is no body, no blood—just a perfectly ordinary room, with a perfectly clean beige carpet.
The sixth book in Sophie Hannah’s beloved Zailer and Waterhouse series, The Other Woman’s House offers unforgettable suspense and a heart-stopping conclusion that Ruth Rendell and Tana French fans will love.

Sophie Hannah is the bestselling author of nine novels and is also an award-winning poet. Her Hercule Poirot mystery, the first to be sanctioned by the Agatha Christie estate, was published in 2014. She lives in Cambridge, England, with her husband and two children, and is a Fellow Commoner at Lucy Cavendish College.
Product Details ISBN: 9780143121510
ISBN-10: 0143121510
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: June 26th, 2012
Pages: 464
Language: English
Series: A Zailer & Waterhouse Mystery
“A dark, psychological thriller that will have you changing all the locks on your doors.”  – Shelf Awareness

"... a final twist proves the perfect coda for this exemplar of psychological suspense.” —Booklist (starred review)


“Enthrallingly complex . . . A multi-stranded narrative that grips”  - The Sunday Times


“Intriguing, unnerving and engrossing . . . Hannah has timing down to an art. What she has created in [The Cradle in the Grave] is more than a murder mystery. It is the most adept of psychological thrillers, in which - as with Hannah’s other novels - the psychosis lying just below the surface of the human personality is exposed . . . A remarkable novel, and an adventure to read . . . Undoubtedly a first-class whodunit that will keep you reading long into the night.”  - Scotsman


“Sophie Hannah has been rightly praised for intricate and accomplished psychological thrillers which dissect the dark side of human relationships, and her fifth novel, A ROOM SWEPT WHITE, covers obsession, manipulation, meltdown and all points in between.”  - Guardian


“Sophie Hannah has quickly established herself as a doyenne of the ‘home horror’ school of psychological tension, taking domestic situations and wringing from them dark, gothic thrills . . . Combining probability theory, poetry and murder, this is a densely plotted suspenser with a coded puzzle that would grace a Golden Age mystery.”  - Financial Times


“So convincing – and so unsettling. Hannah takes domestic scenarios, adds disquieting touches and turns up the suspense until you’re checking under the bed for murders.” - Independent


“Brilliantly pacy and penetrating” Daily Mirror


“Classic Hannah, with genuinely thought-provoking issues and thoroughly believable characters - eshing out a plot of satisfying complexity. Compelling.” Yorkshire Evening Post


“Hannah is a master of intense psychological thrillers . . . Full of twists and turns, and terrifying, too” **** Heat

“Meticulously plotted . . . so dark and shocking.” —Associated Press


“Hannah takes pains to throw her readers off-balance — and succeeds brilliantly.”

Seattle Times


“Sophie Hannah will leave you bleary eyed after nights of suspenseful page turning.”

Murder, Mystery &


“Hannah, who understands psychological mayhem as well as Ruth Rendell and maybe even Sigmund Freud, is best read with a crisis counselor on speed-dial. The tight plotting and excruciatingly precise clues make for a superlatively uneasy read.” — Kirkus


“Gripping… it’s like watching a nightmare come to life.” – Tana French, author of IN THE WOODS, THE LIKENESS and FAITHFUL PLACE


“Sophie Hannah is a prodigious talent. I can’t wait to see what she does.” Laura Lippman, author of LIFE SENTENCES


“An utterly gripping plot, this is the standout thriller of the year.” —Elle, Read of the Year (UK)


“Intense … Full of clever plot twists, this satisfying shocker about ‘the victims and the perpetrators of violent crimes’ suggest how obsessive love, while not a crime, is certainly within hurting distance.”—Publishers Weekly


'What makes this novel work so well is that more than one character has a bit of a screw loose - even the detectives on the case are grappling with some crippling personal issues - and it takes the full ride of the novel to find out who is playing whom.' - Time Out (UK)


'Hannah's second novel is a beautifully written chiller-thriller about the after-effect of rape. It grips from start to finish - a grip which held me against my will because the sustained atmosphere of mild hysteria is hard to take . . . I couldn't put it down' -Literary Review (UK) 


'This is a far better-written book than any genre label might suggest.  Hannah is a respected poet and uses the fascinating motif of the sundial not only to provide the reader with clues but to underline perceptions of life, time and death.  It's also significant that she won a Daphne du Maurier award.  Her powerful subjects of obsession with the past, and fear in the present, testify that she has made a transition to the narrative world of that iconic writer.' – Independent (UK)


'A superbly creepy, twisty thriller about obsessive love, psychological torture, and the darkest chambers of the human heart.' -The Times (UK)


'Another success for this inventive writer.' - Sunday Telegraph (UK)


'The terror created by Hannah will continue to lurk on the edges of your sub-conscious long after you've put this book down'- The News of the World (UK)


"A ‘must read’ for Hannah fans, and a recommended ‘page turner’ for those who have yet to sample her taut writing and intricate plotting."  —Sacramento Book Review


“A superb thriller. . . A master of intricate plotting, Hannah seamlessly melds the police procedural with a gothic-inspired whodunit.”

Publishers Weekly (starred)


“A sense of dread pervades this outstanding British thriller from the start. . . . Hannah deals brilliantly with the issues of artistic accomplishment and success, unrequited emotion, revenge, and retribution. This stunning psychological thriller from the author of the equally outstanding The Wrong Mother has the complexities of love at its core.”  —Booklist (starred)


“A complex, unnerving study of relationships, with none more stressful than that of Sgt. Zailer and DC Waterhouse. Her exemplary skills put Hannah right up there with Ruth Rendell.”

Kirkus Reviews