Geomechanical Behaviors of Bimrocks (Hardcover)

Geomechanical Behaviors of Bimrocks By Wang Yu Cover Image

Geomechanical Behaviors of Bimrocks (Hardcover)

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This book is intended as a reference book for advanced graduate students and research engineers in block-in-matrix rocks (bimrocks) or soil and rock mixtures (SRMs) or rock and soil aggregate (RSA). Bimrocks are complex formations characterized by competent rock inclusions floating in a weaker matrix. Typical types of bimrocks include a series of mixed geological or engineering masses such as m langes, fault rocks, coarse pyroclastic rocks, breccias, sheared serpentines, and waste dump mixture. Bimrock is especially different from the general soil and rock material, and the detection of the damage and fracture is still wide open to innovative research. Globally, there is a widespread interest in investigating the geomechanical behaviors of bimrocks, such as deformation and strength characteristics, damage and fracture evolution, and stability prediction of bimrock construction. However, the meso-structural factors control the whole mechanical properties of bimrocks; the source of the macroscopic deformation phenomenon is the meso-structural changes. Therefore, evaluation of the mesoscopic physical and mechanical properties, together with advanced testing technique, is an attractive research topic in rock mechanics. As a result, comprehensive macroscopic and mesoscopic experimental investigations should be conducted to reveal the damage and fracturing mechanical behaviors of bimrocks.

The readers of this work can gain new insights into the meso-structural changes of bimrocks subjected to different stress paths. This book is expected to improve the understanding of the mesoscopic damage and fracturing mechanisms of bimrocks, and can be helpful to predict the stability of rock structures where rock mass is subjected to complex loading conditions.

Wang Yu obtained his Bachelor in Geology Engineering from Chang'an University, his Master in Rock Mechanics from the China University of Geoscience (Wuhan), and his PhD from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS). Y. Wang's interests are rock mechanics and rock engineering, rock meso-structural mechanics, mining engineering geomechanics, unconventional gas development, open pit mining slope design, environmental geology disaster, and coupled computational modeling associated with shale gas fracking. He is the recipient of China Rock Mechanics Research Award for 2015, a member of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering, CSRME, and China Geology Society IAEG China National Group.
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Publication Date: April 28th, 2021
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