North American Sport Horse Breeder (Paperback)

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North American Sport Horse Breeder (Paperback)


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This is a reference book for the breeder and owner of sport horses. It presents the breeder with a fresh way to evaluate their stock or mounts, using the pedigree as a genetic road map so they can assess genetic dominance, plus it explains how to build that power into a foal thorugh intelligent pedigree design. It also introduces the North American breeder to their stellar history in equine sport which started in the colonies, and how modern international sport came about. A short outline:

* A brief history of sport horse breeding in North America and the development of the new international sport horse.

* Step by step instructions in the use of Tesio Methods (advantageous pedigree design)

* In depth pedigree analysis and discussion for 35 individual sport horses; some famous, some foundation horses, others owned by regular competitors, with the horses drawn from a variety of American and foreign breeds--each example providing background information on its breed's sport potential

* Appendices with additional useful information including the American Thoroughbred's suitability for Olympic style sport, which Thoroughbreds are stamina lines, an outline and short biography of key foundation sires, the power found in full siblings is demonstrated with historical examples from the Morgan, Hanoverian and Thoroughbred, a discussion of American foundation sires, a timeline of American sport horse development and an example of intense pedigree verification carried out by John Wallace.

Product Details ISBN: 9780578502953
ISBN-10: 057850295X
Publisher: Kathleen Kirsan
Publication Date: April 30th, 2019
Pages: 460
Language: English