Social Media Detox for Mums: A new way to find balance (Paperback)

Social Media Detox for Mums: A new way to find balance By Erin Bowe Cover Image

Social Media Detox for Mums: A new way to find balance (Paperback)


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How often have you said 'I know I should use social media less', but haven't quite found a way to create measurable, actionable results? Or perhaps you have objections like 'I need social media for my business' and 'I need it to stay connected.'

Here is your opportunity to test out those statements, and to reflect on how social media might be impacting your mental health, mothering and sense of self.

Using shame, setting vague goals, and relying on willpower alone doesn't create change. You need a practical plan and loads of compassion. This book will give you both.

When clinical and perinatal psychologist, Dr Erin Bowe found herself wondering if she was addicted to social media, she set out to test it. Social Media Detox for Mums is part memoir and part self-help, detailing the raw and ultimately life changing impact of detoxing from social media. Instead of telling you to just quit, Dr Bowe encourages you to be curious. To pause to consider if we, as mothers, are actually having true fun, or have we settled for numbing? To consider the ways in which postnatal depletion, burnout, overstimulation, postnatal anxiety, depression and trauma relate to fun.

You'll come away with a practical, five-step action plan to detox from social media in a way that feels shame-free, manageable and gives you more time and energy for a balanced life.

Product Details ISBN: 9780645597868
ISBN-10: 0645597864
Publisher: Kind Press
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2023
Pages: 264
Language: English