Swan Song (Paperback)

Swan Song By Lynn Santer, Karen O'Brien (Editor), Brett Sherwell (Cover Design by) Cover Image

Swan Song (Paperback)

By Lynn Santer, Karen O'Brien (Editor), Brett Sherwell (Cover Design by)


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Hugh and Serena have reigned over a vast lake in a subtropical paradise for many years. Although the environment is idyllic it belies a slimy danger that lurks below the water - predatory eels.

The colorful bunch of characters who live on the lake are all grateful to Hugh for protecting them from the evil of the deep, which impresses Hugh and Serena's daughter, Isis. As their latest hatched cygnet, Isis assumes she is the last born and therefore heir to the kingdom, as is the swan way of things. A cheeky white duck who has lived on the lake as long as Hugh and Serena, Lord Quacksalot, knows better.

When the ambitious young swan becomes airborne for the first time, she is thrilled with her newfound power, not realizing the bittersweet consequence. Isis is crestfallen when told she has to leave, despite her parents sweetening the blow by telling her that she will become queen of a new territory. Reluctantly she leaves but vows revenge.

While Isis is away, Hugh and Serena give birth to Prince, their heir apparent. When Isis returns with the evil swan Hannibal, Hugh is too old and Prince is too young to challenge such an enormous and strong swan. The serenity and sanctuary of the lake are shattered and the kingdom is devastated when beloved lives are lost. It doesn't take long for Isis to realize she's made a terrible mistake. It will take all Serena's years of experience, all of her guile, and all the animals of the kingdom working together if Isis is to be redeemed, Hannibal defeated and the sanctity of the lake restored for all the creatures who live there.

"Charming. Enchanting. Full of passion, humor and drama."

Priscilla Presley

"Every captivating chapter opens your eyes to love, treachery, sacrifice and self-discovery in the secret world of swans."

Richard Loring, Creator of the international stage sensation "African Footprint"

"Heart-stopping drama, rib-tickling humor, and more personality than should be allowed."

Harvey Brownstone, celebrity talk show host.

"It's wit meets murder in this subtropical paradise with a cavalcade of colorful characters. Will the wily Swan Queen outsmart her deadly foe?"

Lord Quacksalot

Product Details ISBN: 9780646870717
ISBN-10: 0646870718
Publisher: Swan Lake Press
Publication Date: November 11th, 2022
Pages: 310
Language: English