Horse Gone Silent (Paperback)

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Horse Gone Silent (Paperback)


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Inspired by a true story, Horse Gone Silent delivers adventure, drama, and life lessons in a tale that will speak to your heart like no horse story ever has before.

2020 EQUUS Film Festival Literary Award Winner

In the first book of the Horse Gone Silent trilogy, you will follow the life of champion show jumping horse "Calebo" from his sweet youth in the Netherlands to the United States where he quickly makes it to the top of his sport. Multiple times throughout his life, unbelievable events occur where this kind, courageous horse faces unfathomable depths of despair as he gets bounced from different owners.

Will this kind, young horse be able to make it in a tumultuous, scary world he has no control over?

Never sure of his ultimate fate, Calebo relies on his faith, family, and friends to give him strength on his remarkable journey. This heart-warming horse story is told in beautiful detail by American horseman, Shane Ledyard.

"The book is intellectual and emotional...Horse Gone Silent is a novel that enables readers to gain insight on the lives of our equine friends and hold them even dearer than we already do." Cowgirl Magazine, by New York Times best-selling author Chris Enss, September 2016

"Great writing and a powerful message make Horse Gone Silent a must read." Jill E.

"Total inspiration ...This book touched my heart in a way that nothing ever has." Lisa, Amazon review

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Shane Ledyard epitomizes the modern American horseman. Raised in horse country in eastern Pennsylvania, his past involves horse shows over many parts of the country, horse auctions and the race tracks. He makes his living in the hunter and jumper industry as a rider, trainer and judge. His writing influences include authors of classical novels such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Frances Hodgson Burnett. He loves spending all his free time with his wife Carice and his children, Kevin and Kaydy.
Product Details ISBN: 9780692604106
ISBN-10: 0692604103
Publisher: Ledyard
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2016
Pages: 134
Language: English