The Gospel of Simon: The Passion of Jesus According to Simon of Cyrene (Paperback)

The Gospel of Simon: The Passion of Jesus According to Simon of Cyrene By John Smelcer Cover Image

The Gospel of Simon: The Passion of Jesus According to Simon of Cyrene (Paperback)


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2,000 years ago, an itinerant Jewish preacher named Jesus was condemned to be crucified--an all too familiar spectacle in Jerusalem in those days. By chance, a man named Simon, from Cyrene, was compelled by Roman soldiers to help Jesus carry the heavy cross through the crowded streets to Golgotha. What did Simon witness? What did he and Jesus talk about? Eager to learn more about his unfortunate companion, Simon returned to Jerusalem the next day. What he learned changed his life forever. Ever since, the descendants of Simon have safeguarded an incredible secret. A book for everyone, no matter what you believe. Praised worldwide for its timely and necessary message of love and compassion.

Praise for The Gospel of Simon:

"In a world where media relentlessly enflames fear and hatred, here is a quiet voice espousing the triumph of love and peace." --Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize laureate

"This books reminds us that we are called to be bearers of love, for there can be no faith without love." --Cardinal Edward Egan of New York

"John Smelcer writes with the voice of Jesus. Until now we only thought we knew this story." --Daniel Berrigan, Jesuit priest, social rights activist, and author

"As this book shows, there are many similarities between Christianity and Buddhism, such as the practices of compassion, love, contemplation, and tolerance." --The Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate

"Smelcer gives us a Jesus who condemns those who abuse the name of God to gain wealth or power, as well as anyone who fosters injustice and inequality, oppresses or enslaves others, and incites hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and violence." --Coretta Scott King (MLK's widow)

" This book belongs among the classics of religion, if not in a class all by itself. A masterpiece capable of changing the world." --W. P. Kinsella, Academy Award winning author of Field of Dreams

"John Smelcer challenges the certitudes of our times and offers a blueprint for religious peace." --Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz, Center for Christian Jewish Understanding

"A book that reminds us again and again of Jesus's gospel of love." --Saul Bellow, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

"May this book bring a lot of benefit to people who read it." --Thich Nhat Hanh, author of Love in Action

"This may be exactly the way it happened. A tour de force." --Tom O'Horgan, director of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar

"An ambitious reimagining of the most familiar story in history." --Chayym Zeldis, Tel Aviv University

"Enlightened, compelling, and blessed by grace. The timeless message will resonate with modern readers." --Marcus Borg, author of The Heart of Christianity

"Smelcer reveals new dimensions of the Christian story." --Bishop John Shelby Spong

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Publication Date: October 10th, 2016
Pages: 162
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