When Athletes Pray (Paperback)

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When Athletes Pray (Paperback)


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To some people, playing sports is just a hobby or a source of entertainment. To others, it's a calling. Never allow past mistakes or people's opinions of you, to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Just when people think that you have fouled out, GOD will put you back in the game Dropped out of school? It's okay Get your GED and go to college or work. Experienced a divorce or many failed relationships? Not a problem You may have to sit on the bench for a while to heal but you still have time to find true love. Are you a teen parent or a single-parent? No worries That only means that you have to play harder You have not fouled out Get back in the game

Product Details ISBN: 9780692882481
ISBN-10: 0692882480
Publisher: Pegues Enterprises
Publication Date: May 7th, 2017
Pages: 42
Language: English