Nuclear Waste: Management, Disposal and Governance (Hardcover)

Nuclear Waste: Management, Disposal and Governance By Klaus-Jurgen Rohlig Cover Image

Nuclear Waste: Management, Disposal and Governance (Hardcover)


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Nuclear waste management is an interdisciplinary issue requiring a variety of approaches and a holistic understanding of the field. In this edited volume, Klaus-J rgen R hlig brings together leading researchers from geoengineering, nuclear physics, materials science and the social sciences to provide an overview of the terminology and concepts required to engage with the field.

Covering a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, the text provides up-to-date information on waste sources, categorisation methods, associated hazards and the associated politics. It addresses measures and strategies for managing waste from technical and societal points of view, including practical, legal and ethical considerations involved in strategy choice, as well as historical and participation issues.

With a non-exclusive focus on the management of long-lived high-level waste, the challenging and sometimes controversial issue of nuclear or radioactive waste management is addressed, providing readers with an overview supplemented by pedagogical features including case studies of recent and ongoing projects and end-of-chapter summaries.

The book is ideal for early-career professionals and students involved in the nuclear waste field, and comprises a valuable reference for more-established professionals and those working with nuclear waste organisations and authorities.

Key Features:

  • Introduces nuclear waste to readers with a scientific background but without thorough knowledge of the subject, particularly useful for students and early-career professionals.
  • Covers a variety of perspectives to explain where nuclear waste comes from, which kinds, types or categories exist, what hazards are associated with them, and how they are perceived.
  • Addresses measures and strategies to manage nuclear waste from a technical and a societal point of view.
  • Includes case studies of recent and ongoing national and international projects, and end-of-chapter summaries.
Product Details ISBN: 9780750330930
ISBN-10: 0750330937
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: July 15th, 2022
Pages: 300
Language: English