Of Earth and Sea: A Chilean Memoir (Camino del Sol ) (Paperback)

Of Earth and Sea: A Chilean Memoir (Camino del Sol ) By Marjorie Agosín Cover Image

Of Earth and Sea: A Chilean Memoir (Camino del Sol ) (Paperback)


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The Chilean coup d'état of 1973 was a watershed event in the history of Chile. It was also a defining moment in the life of writer Marjorie Agosín.

This collection of prose vignettes and free verse draws upon her experiences as a child in Chile, an expatriate abroad, and a minority Jew—even in the land she calls home—to create a striking portrait of a life of exile. The tone of the book varies as it lyrically explores the geography of Chile and weaves into it the themes of exile and oppression. At times the words become hymns to the physical beauty of her country, evoking the grandeur of this land extending to the southernmost tip of the world. At times they are intimate and melancholy, exploring personal and familial history through miniature portraits that reveal the pain of being different. Finally the tone becomes angry as she denounces the injustices committed against her friends and against the families of the disappeared during the seventeen-year dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Combining themes of memory, childhood, minority issues, Judaism, and political oppression, this collection contains some of Agosín’s strongest work. Of Earth and Sea is a poetic autobiography that explores the world of Chile with eyes that see both despair and hope.
Product Details ISBN: 9780816526666
ISBN-10: 0816526664
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
Publication Date: December 6th, 2008
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Camino del Sol
"Personal essays that read like poetry."—Multicultural Review

“Agosín transports the reader to the different regions of her imagination as if by magic.”—Isabel Alvarez Borland, author of Cuban-American Literature of Exile

“The spell these poems cast through their unique, culturally informed responses to the natural world is irresistible.”—María Meléndez, author of How Long She’ll Last in this World