A Logical Approach To Data Management: 3 Questions (Hardcover)

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A Logical Approach To Data Management: 3 Questions (Hardcover)


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Data Management and Data Governance have become "hot topics" and just the thought of implementing them can be overwhelming. This book presents a logical approach to a very complex undertaking in such a way that is reasonable, productive, and real. The approach does not gloss over the complexities, nor does it propose management and governance in name only. Logical does not mean simple. All change is difficult, but this approach is realistic from strategy through implementation. The first step is the realization of the need to manage data; that is a big step for some. Laws are changing and that will awaken a few people to the need. However, if laws are the only reason you see the need to manage data, you will miss a lot of opportunity to improve your data and processes. There is no dependency on any specific brand of technology in this book; the intention is to be technology agnostic. The approach is based on being able to answer three "simple" questions about your data. The method to answer the three questions is the basis for logical data management.

The relationships between data management, data governance, records management, security, analytics, privacy, and the operational and legal requirements are all part of the considerations of this approach. This is a worthwhile read for any role in a company from the CEO to end-users and across both business and IT.

Product Details ISBN: 9780985678180
ISBN-10: 0985678186
Publisher: Rick Sorenson
Publication Date: December 14th, 2021
Pages: 290
Language: English