UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness (Paperback)

UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness By Etel Leit Cover Image

UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness (Paperback)


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★★★★★ "A must-read: shift your view on how it feels to be in depression " - Reader review___

When Ella, a former Israeli intelligence commander, finds herself lifeless on the bathroom floor, she realizes it is time to make a drastic change in her seemingly "perfect" life.

Ella admits to herself she is an addict, the drug of her choice is not substances, but people and codependency. Unhealthy obsessions have led her to dark places full of emotional chaos.

Ella starts her journey of finding truth, deep love, and dark secrets while bouncing between people-pleasing and control, doubt and certainty, marriage and divorce, and life and death.

Ella leaves her birthplace of Jerusalem for a place where she can better discover who it is that she is called to be. She comes to Los Angeles, determined to build a life free from the straitjacket of expectations. In L.A., Ella finds new depths of courage, unconventional new romances, and Dan, the father of her children and the catalyst to transform her life.

Surrounded by addictions, Ella discovers that she has her own addictions, which are rooted in her 'Good Girl' childhood.

She movingly maps the breakdown of a marriage and the struggle to present a brave face for her young children, and most importantly, Ella's relentless commitment to learning a healthier, more authentic, and joyous way to live.

UnAddicted to You is a combination of a woman's powerful coming of age memoir and a potentially life-changing addiction self-help book, inspiring an interactive quest that will help you to find your true light, grounded spirituality, and sobriety.

Each chapter ends with deep self-reflection questions and effective personal growth tools that will help you to navigate towards self-healing and personal transformation.

UnAddicted to You is a combination of a novel and a self-help book, inspiring an interactive quest to find your true light.

Leit ends each chapter with deep questions and effective tools to help navigate towards healing and personal transformation.

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"Authentically written, thought-provoking, and immersive... Issues of addiction, trauma, privilege are teased apart in all their complexity within a story that also touches on universal themes of love, identity, and belonging." - Robin Sax, Clinical Therapist, and TV Personality

Product Details ISBN: 9780988595262
ISBN-10: 0988595265
Publisher: Signshine
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2021
Pages: 362
Language: English