Bitter Rainbows: Pederasts, Politics, and Hate Speech (Paperback)

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"BITTER RAINBOWS" fearlessly probes the dark intersection of gay history and contemporary politics. It proves that in many ways, the contemporary gay rights movement is driven only by hatred of conservatism and religion. A virtual compendium of gay venom, Marisa concludes that homosexuality is nothing to be particularly proud of (but such feelings are illegal to publish or speak in many of the world's outposts already).

Light years beyond basic civil rights we once shared in peace, gay extremists now demand special favors and legislative booty. It's piling up at their feet, along with the heads of their perceived enemies. These include religious people, free-thinkers, concerned parents, and the merely unenthusiastic. Marisa tells all, so this is not for children nor faint of heart.

"BITTER RAINBOWS" critically re-evaluates homosexuality, its rage, its anti-family venom, and destructive assaults on the world and the church today. Marisa also offers suggestions on how to stand your ground, refuse to grovel, and if necessary, to fight back.

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ISBN: 9780998996417
ISBN-10: 0998996416
Publisher: Rosalva Books LLC
Publication Date: May 11th, 2019
Pages: 242
Language: English