Adjuvant Medical Care (Paperback)

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Adjuvant Medical Care (Paperback)

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Despite tremendous gains in medical knowledge, most conditions are managed, rather than cured, by medications. As a result, countless patients seek supplemental modes of care to better control their symptoms and conditions to improve their overall wellbeing. This reality spotlights the need for adjuvant medical procedures.

Adjuvant medical care refers to any supportive therapy that enhances the outcome of medical measures already in place. Adjuvant care does not replace primary or traditional treatments, but instead serves as add-on care to the initial medical treatment plan prescribed by a health care provider. The addition of one or more non-prescription therapies (e.g., nutritional support, over-the-counter remedies, home care, dietary measures, supplements, etc.) to the primary medical management regimen has become increasingly popular and mainstream thanks to scientific studies that have documented favorable outcomes for many patients.

The verifiable scientific merit of these additional medical options demonstrates their usefulness in the treatment of many medical conditions. The purpose of this handbook is to provide support to doctors and patients who are interested in safe and effective non-prescription and non-pharmacological medical therapies for specific conditions to minimize symptoms and optimize recovery and quality of life.

- Helps doctors and patients discover additional therapies that can reduce pain, advance health outcomes, minimize complications and disability, and extend life.

- Presents safe, reliable, and practical options that are available to reduce symptoms, maximize recovery, and positively augment the management of a variety of conditions.

- Provides medical insight into less traditional, yet often effective, supportive options for enhancing and optimizing patient response to care.

This book is a valuable resource for both doctors and patients who are committed to achieving the best possible medical outcomes through a variety of coordinated approaches.

Charles Theisler, MD, JD, is a former steelworker, born and raised in the heartland of Ohio's iron and steel corridor. He loves education and holds five college degrees. Skilled in medicine and the law, he possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of both fields. In addition to two U.S. patents for medical devices, he has an impressive medical and legal publications list. He relishes speaking engagements where he can both enlighten and entertain audiences. Developing strong relationships as the foundation of accomplishment, both professionally and personally is a tagline he adheres to. He married his favorite former patient, raised a family, and continues to practice medical malpractice law. When he isn't glued to a medical or legal book, he spends time working outdoors or writing and editing. Dr. Theisler's professional expertise and dedication to helping people make him an invaluable and trustworthy resource in the areas of medicine and medical malpractice law.
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