20/20 Vision: Actionable Insights for Digital Retailers (Hardcover)

20/20 Vision: Actionable Insights for Digital Retailers By Jim Flint Cover Image

20/20 Vision: Actionable Insights for Digital Retailers (Hardcover)


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You've battled through all the changes in the automotive industry. You've done the right things at the right times. You've seen the good times come and go, but you know that the right ideas at the right times make all the difference.

You're ready for what's next. Let's get there faster than the competition you say Just up ahead there are signposts for more change. How will you handle Digital Retailing and all that it means to you?

After sharing thousands of communications via books, podcasts, e-mails, and articles I gained the perspective of 20/20 vision and recognized the vast majority of my blogs help those interested in effectively managing change.

Now it's time to look forward to 2020 with additional vision.

I've assembled some of my best blogs produced over the last decade. You can take in as many as you like at a time with the idea that you've already introduced the internet to your enterprise, that you've successfully navigated the subsequent mobile explosion and that it's time to get ready for the third wave--Digital Retailing.

I'm certain that you'll be able to recognize the opportunities buried inside my thoughts and ideas. And given your experience and past success, I bet you'll make it through the next surge even better off than you were before.

Get ready for 20/20 Vision: Actionable Insights for Digital Retailers

Product Details ISBN: 9781087850016
ISBN-10: 1087850010
Publisher: Fjcf Enterprises
Publication Date: November 29th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English