The Altered Moon (Paperback)

The Altered Moon By James A. McGettigan, Jacqui Corn-Uys (Editor), Anthony J. McGettigan (Editor) Cover Image

The Altered Moon (Paperback)


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In a time, too far back to date, on the planet Galiza, an ancient race of canine humans thrive off war and faith in the Moon Goddess, Anua.

Each and every society across the globe is manipulated via neuro-chips constantly coursing propaganda through the minds of individuals, especially the militia, who are bombarded with thoughts of praise and unwavering loyalty towards the Diramal, leader of Utopion. Any counter thoughts are punished with neurological distortion.

When Amat Luciph Criptous-a dedicated patriot to his Autocratic country, Utopion-is held back from joining the war in Zeta by his father, Bod Criptous, the Jinn-hid second-in-command in the militia, Amat despises the decision. As Bod instills a sense of humility into his son, a triangular alien craft makes its landing on the lunar body of Anua. Through the outcome of the alien vessel's investigation, Amat takes it upon himself to unravel a great conspiracy surrounding it. One that could mean the difference between peaceful first contact or a full-scale invasion from the cosmic visitors.

Forces Amat is not even aware of operate in the background, attempt to cover up one of the biggest secrets in the history of the Dust Cosmos.With his life at stake, will Amat be bound by his internal coding or is there a deeper reason he feels so compelled to act?

Product Details ISBN: 9781088180983
ISBN-10: 1088180981
Publisher: Booksgosocial
Publication Date: June 21st, 2023
Pages: 290
Language: English