Super Cheap Bordeaux: How to enjoy a $1,000 trip to Bordeaux for $200 (Paperback)

Super Cheap Bordeaux: How to enjoy a $1,000 trip to Bordeaux for $200 By Phil G. Tang Cover Image

Super Cheap Bordeaux: How to enjoy a $1,000 trip to Bordeaux for $200 (Paperback)


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Get this guide to tick Bordeaux off your bucket list for less than $200.

Lonely Planet advises 'budget' travellers to pay 140 per day to visit Bordeaux. This guide will show you how to comfortably enjoy everything Bordeaux has to offer for 40 a day.

Spend $10 on this book and save $100's in Bordeaux

When you buy and review this book you'll have free access to our Super Cheap Accommodation Service (we find you three of the best price-performance accommodation options for your specific needs). Plus you can use our flight hacking service (our skilled flight hackers will take hundreds off your flight). Get a copy of Super Cheap Bordeaux - the hands-on guidebook saving you time, hassle and money.

Super Cheap Bordeaux is a travel guide for people seeking cold-hard facts to enjoy the biggest Bordeaux adventure on the smallest budget. Choose from city adventures or mix it up with our nature suggestions. Either way, our plans and Bordeaux's fascinating history and delicious wines will blow your mind, not your budget.

✔ Cheapest flight route from America to bordeaux (review this guide honestly and I'll find you the cheapest direct flight - save hundreds with my flight hacking skills)

✔ Tips on planning your trip on a budget

✔ Review of a great Free Walking Tour

✔ The cheapest place to stay (this may surprise you)

✔ Must-see and cheap hacks to see and do all the sights

✔ The cheapest route form the airport to the city

✔ Advice on getting around cheaply

✔ Must-try street foods and where to try them

✔ Tons of cheap delicious eats plus all you can eat cheese

✔ Practical tips and insights

✔ Local Facebook groups to join for deals and insights

✔ Checklist of things to remember to save money

✔ Discount supermarkets

✔ Cheapest onwards destinations
✔Bonus: Thousands of general travel hacks to save you money before travelling


Instead of trawling 100s of sites to find everything you need for a happy trip minus the scams and crowds you can grab a copy of Super Cheap Bordeaux for free (if you have kindle unlimited) or for a low price of $4,99. You can't google for the tips in here. OK, maybe you could but you'd have to read 100's of sites. Save yourself the time and hassle. Enjoy everything Bordeaux has to over without the ascribed 140 a day.

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About me

Having travelled across the globe for 18 years extremely cheaply, without commonly used (and in my opinion annoying) hacks like couchsurfing or hitchhiking. I have built up an extensive knowledge of budget travel worldwide. I love sharing travel bargains - as you will see from my guides written in collaboration with friends I met travelling.

Spend $10 now, save hundreds in Bordeaux.

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