Freaking Idiots Guides 4 Book Bundle Ebay Fiverr Kindle & Public Domain (Paperback)

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Freaking Idiots Guides 4 Book Bundle Ebay Fiverr Kindle & Public Domain (Paperback)


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If You Are Serious About Making Money Online - You Need to Read This Book
Hands Down, eBay and Fiverr are the two best websites where every day people can make money selling products or services online. If you have ever wanted to carve out your own niche, this four book bundle is going to give you all of the information that you need to get started.
If you want to sell products on eBay you're going to learn the secrets Power Sellers use to make $100 everyday selling on eBay.
What I'm going to give you is a proven plan that you can follow over and over again to make money now - and in the future, whenever you find yourself strapped for a little cash.
What's the secret to selling your item for the most money possible?
It's easy -
Most sellers have no idea what they have, or how to sell it ...
This book will cover all of the steps you need to know to successfully sell on eBay
1) Where to find items to sell on eBay
2) How to discover your own private niche where buyers will keep coming back to buy more items from you
3) How to write a great auction title packed with keywords that will draw people to your items
4) How to write a description that will leave them drooling for more
Whether you are new to eBay, or have been selling on eBay for some time now, this book can help you make more money - starting today
If you have a service to sell, Fiverr will let you pump up profits - Quickly
If you've never heard of Fiverr before, it's this crazy hot new website where buyers and sellers get together to exchange money for services. And, get this - the price on everything offered there is five dollars, no more, no less - Maybe
It's just insane what some of these people are willing to do for five bucks
There's this one guy who dresses up like Jesus and offers to make a Christmas video or a video of anything else you want. Another guy pops a set of Mickey Mouse ears on his balding head and offers to sing Happy Birthday in a depressed tone. And, before I forget, there's a lady who offers to write any message, website, URL, or anything else you want across her boobs or sexy bum and send you pictures.
And the fact is they are selling hundreds, sometimes even thousands of these services.
I know what you're thinking How can anybody make money, even if you do thousands of these things, if you only charge five bucks?
The answer is gig extras, and good old fashioned tips. Many sellers hang a new-fangled cyber tip jar out there to collect a little extra love for a job well done. But the real money is in the gig extras.
Just what are gig extras, you ask. Gig extras are this hot new idea Fiverr has developed that is allowing many sellers to consistently turn five bucks into fifty or one hundred dollars. There is no limit to the type of gig that you can offer. If you can imagine it, you can do it.
Kindle books are HOT If you ever wanted to write a book - Now is the time
Freaking Idiots Guide to Writing a Kindle Bestseller will take you through the entire process of marketing your Kindle book, so you have a better shot at success the first time you're up to bat. And if you're short on ideas or information for your Kindle book, Freaking Idiots Guide to Public Domain Profits will show you a source for unlimited ideas that you can use - Absolutely Free

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Hello everybody. My name is Nick Vulich. and I bet your first question is: What makes me qualified to tell you how to sell on eBay? I have been selling on eBay since 1999. Last month I sold over 300 old magazines that most people and libraries would just throw away as worthless junk. In my better months before the recession hit back in 2008, I used to take in $9,000, even $10,000 a month. According to eBay I have completed 29,260 transactions since November 2, 2001, and that's just on my history-bytes id. I think that makes me uniquely qualified to show you how to make a few bucks on eBay. I know what it's like starting out, and trying to figure out just what it is you want to sell, and that's not anything - compared to trying to figure out how you're going to approach selling those same items. It's scary. And, it's that fear that keeps a lot of people from even trying to sell on eBay. I don't know how many times I have shown people what I do, and they say - yeah! They understand. But, they don't get it, because they don't understand why people buy what I sell. My point is, I know the ins and outs of eBay, and if you are ready I can show you what you need to know to help you take that next step, where you can make $100 TODAY, and every day that you need it.
Product Details ISBN: 9781482799620
ISBN-10: 1482799626
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 18th, 2013
Pages: 220
Language: English