Programming Microcontrollers with Python: Experience the Power of Embedded Python (Paperback)

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Programming Microcontrollers with Python: Experience the Power of Embedded Python (Paperback)


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Preface- Why Did I Write This Book?- Who Is This Book For?- What You Will Need For This Book?- What Will I learn in This Book?- About the Author- Errata and Suggestions
Chapter 1: Getting Ready In this chapter we begin learning about microcontrollers what they are and the various languages we can use for them. Things like what software and hardware you will need to follow along with the book as well as the recommended boards to use CircuitPython is covered in this chapter.
- Introduction to Microcontrollers- Microcontroller Programming Languages- Assembly Language- C- C++- BASIC- Rust- Python- Selecting a Board- Adafruit Metro M0 Express- Adafruit Feather M0 Express- Adafruit Metro M4 Express- Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express- The Arduino Zero- The STM32F746ZG Nucleo- Device Comparison- The Component List- The Mu Editor- Putty- Setting up Your Own Board- Conclusion

Chapter 2: Electronics Primer picks up where chapter one leaves off and we move our discussion into the realm of electronics giving an overview of passive analog electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Along the way we learn about breadboards before diving into semiconductor electronics and basic digital electronics.
- Electrical Wires- The Breadboard- Electronic Schematics- Passive Components- Resistors - Capacitors- Polarized Capacitors- Non-Polarized Capacitors- Capacitor Schematic Symbols- Inductors- Semiconductors- Diode- Light Emitting Diode- Transistor- Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors- Integrated Circuits- Digital Logic- Logic Level Conversion- Flip-Flop- Registers and Shift Register- Multiplexers and Demultiplexers- Conclusion

Chapter 3: Embedded Systems Overview covers the software side of things. We learn about embedded systems, its structure, hardware and software systems and the general architecture of embedded systems. Things like toolchains, testing and a heavy emphasis on software architecture is covered. For those of you reading this book to make and sell your own product, I cover the steps you need to take to carry a product to market.
- An Overview of Embedded Systems- Microcontroller vs Applications Processor- Embedded Systems Structure- The Hardware System- The software System- The Toolchain- Software Testing- Embedded Software Architecture- The Driver Layer- Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL)- Board Support Package (BSP)- Middleware- Software Framework- Code Generator- Platform- Embedded Systems Constrains- Cost- Performance- Energy budget- Embedded Systems Classification- Small Scale Systems- Medium Scale Systems- High Performance Systems- Distributed Embedded Systems- Seven Steps to Developing an Embedded Product- Conclusion

Chapter 4: Python Programming looks at the python programming language you get a crash course in the core features of the language that you.
Armstrong Subero started learning electronics at the age of 8. One of the happiest memories in his childhood was when he finally figured out how to make a light bulb. It took off from there as he taught himself more advanced topics in electronics, before delving into computer architecture, and eventually discovering the joys of microcontrollers and FPGAs.He currently works for the Ministry of National Security in his country and writes software, design circuits, courses, robots as well as write books, and blogs about technology on in his free time. He is also a contributing author to Free Code Camp and has degrees in Computer Science and Liberal Arts and Sciences from Thomas Edison State University. He is the author of "Programming PIC Microcontrollers in XC8" and "Codeless Data Structures and Algorithms" both published by Apress Media LLC.
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Publication Date: May 30th, 2021
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