Turtle Medicine: The Art of Swimming Sideways (Paperback)

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..".a lovely book seamlessly weaving two rich themes: The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle with its Native culture and the author's personal spiritual journey. She artfully weaves both together like a fragrant Hawaiian lei."
Satya Graha, Compassionate Spiritual Healer, Kauai

I am gazing at "Honu," Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, from a rocky beach at the an-cient ceremonial site of Puako, on the 'Big Island' of Hawaii. As these turtles paddle to shore, the incoming tide relentlessly pushes them toward sharp lava rocks, but they simply tilt their impossibly large bodies sideways and allow the power of the incoming tide to maneuver them safely around danger. Entranced by such clever adaptation, I begin to wonder about this as a metaphor for our human condition. If turning sideways could mean changing our consciousness by shifting the weight of our perception, could we, too, allow the energy of incoming tides to work for instead of against us? In doing so, could we live more freely, with greater ease?

Turtle Medicine explores meditative attention to animal wisdom through thematic vignettes about Honu, Green Sea Turtles. Meet Oakley, Mea Aloha, to dis-cover how Hawaiians live unconditional love, and Nalukai, One Who Has Endured the Storms of Life, to learn better ways to navigate physical and emotional pain. Sit at the peace table with Kuhina, The Ambassador, and traverse the territory of the aging body with Isabella, 40 Barnacles on Her Shell.

As you engage with Turtle Medicine, you will also enter the author's private world of three voices―an Inner Teacher, an Inner Critic, and a Spirit of Wis-dom―who take turns encouraging, chiding, or illuminating as each Honu offers lessons.

Honu can steer you through rough waters to meet on shore and bask with you in the calm. Whether your life is currently unfolding beautifully or is full of difficulty, Honu can teach you.

"By definition, Robyn is a Kūpuna, who is one who 'stands at the spring or the source.' She is a keeper of the light and continues on her spiritual journey. Through her physical presence and her writings, Robyn brings a sense of enlightenment."
Daniel "Kaniela" Akaka, Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner

"Eloquent, raw, real, and gentle, all at the same time... much like the Sea Turtle."
Stephanie Light, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Spiritual Coach

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ISBN: 9781504360272
ISBN-10: 1504360273
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: November 7th, 2016
Pages: 246
Language: English