The Illuminati: The history and truth behind the Illuminati (Paperback)

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The Illuminati

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This book begins by taking you back to when the Illuminati was first founded in 1776. It details the first few years of the Illuminati, its original purpose, and the beliefs of its members.
As you will learn within this book, the Illuminati was believed to have ended centuries ago... but is that really the case?

You will soon discover the most popular conspiracy theories regarding the Illuminati.
This includes their involvement in wars, communism, and terrorist attacks.
Also covered within this guide is the influence of the Illuminati in the entertainment industry. As you will find out, conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati to be present within the film, television, and music industries today

You will also find out what many believe to be the Illuminati's plans for the future of the world, and their supposed development of a new world order

Here Is What You'll Learn About...
  • Who Founded the Illuminati
  • Is the Illuminati Behind Wars & Terrorist Attacks?
  • Illuminati's Influence on Popular Culture
  • Illuminati in the Media & Entertainment Industries
  • Popular Conspiracy Theories
  • Illuminati's Link to Freemasons
  • Illuminati Symbols & Rituals
  • Illuminati Plans for the Future
  • Much, much more

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Publication Date: April 18th, 2015
Pages: 26
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