TOP 25 Most Delicious Smoked Ribs Recipes: That Will Make you Cook Like a Pro (Paperback)

TOP 25 Most Delicious Smoked Ribs Recipes: That Will Make you Cook Like a Pro By Marvin Delgado, Ralph Replogle, Daniel Hinkle Cover Image

TOP 25 Most Delicious Smoked Ribs Recipes: That Will Make you Cook Like a Pro (Paperback)


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Smoking Meat, Salmon, Chiken and Jerky Recipes

Smoking meats is not a new art. The concept of smoking meat dates back to caveman days when it was necessary for preserving food. As years went by, smoking meat became a popular form of preserving meats for a later date.

Today, meat is smoked to add flavor and carry through with a historically its delicious trend. There are three main types of smoking meat, cold smoking, hot smoking, and smoke roasting.

Smoking is an art, not a science, and I'm going to show you how super easy it can be. Everything you need to know about smoking meat is packed neatly inside this smoking meat recipe book.

Today, when you grab your own copy of my book, you are going to get access to my most cherished smoking ribs recipes. I was kinda hesitant sharing them. I don't know why. I guess they just really grew on me and I sort of, somehow, became attached to them.

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This book is great for you: - If you love smoking meat but don't know where to get started - If you have never heard about smoking meat but want to learn more - If you smoke meat Veteran who just want to add more delicious recipes to their arsenal

So Next Time You Have a Party or a Get Together...

Be sure to grab one of my favorite 25 smoking delicious recipes, blow the minds of your guests and keep them coming for more.

Some of the recipes that you'll find in this book are: - Weetly Smoked Pork Ribs - Slow-Smoked Ribs - Apple Smoked Spare Ribs - Barbeque Smoked Ribs - Memphis Hickory Smoked Ribs - 3-2-1 Smoking Smoked Ribs - Last Meal Smoked Ribs - Smoked Pork Spare Ribs - Baby's Got Back Ribs - Simple Beef Ribs

And these are just a few that are included in this fantastic smoking meat recipe book.

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I look forward to getting you started on some on my most favorite recipes that I've ever shared. Trust me, it's worth it

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