Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto's Kikunoi Restaurant (Hardcover)

Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto's Kikunoi Restaurant Cover Image

Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto's Kikunoi Restaurant (Hardcover)

By Yoshihiro Murata, Ferran Adria (Foreword by), Nobu Matsuhisa (Foreword by), Masashi Kuma (Photographs by)


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In the same way that kaiseki itself is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, chef Murata’s Kaiseki is at once a cookbook and a work of art. This sumptuously illustrated volume features—in seasonal format—the style of cooking that began as tea ceremony accompaniment and developed into the highest form of Japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki celebrates the natural ingredients of each season with a spectacular presentation. After a front section explaining the history and components of kaiseki cuisine, Yoshihiro Murata, the third generation owner/chef of Kyoto’s famed Kikunoi restaurant, introduces the establishment’s menu. With candidness and insight, he shares his thoughts on ingredients, preparation methods and the philosophy behind his dishes. He explains how the cuisine has changed over the years—and continues to do so. He even explains how some dishes evolved as he searched for the proper combination of ingredients. Approximately twenty dishes from each season, chosen by chef Murata, have been lovingly and carefully photographed to convey the experience of being a guest at the Kikunoi restaurant. The book also features a glossary of kaiseki terms and exact recipes from the Kikunoi kitchen.
YOSHIHIRO MURATA is the third generation owner/chef of Kikunoi, a Kyoto-based kaiseki restaurant, with a branch in Tokyo. The work of photographer MASASHI KUMA has appeared in numerous publications, including Voce and GQ. This is his first book.
Product Details ISBN: 9781568364421
ISBN-10: 1568364423
Publisher: Kodansha International
Publication Date: August 31st, 2012
Pages: 192
Language: English
"If it has ever occurred to you, as it has to me lately, how the food of some superstar French and Spanish chefs leads right back to the Japanese tradition of exquisite little plates called kaiseki, this book confirms that idea. Preparing the food beautifully photographed in the lush KAISEKI by Kyoto restaurateur Yoshihiro Murata is almost beside the point; understanding, and salivating, is." —^lNewsweek

"Sumptuous photographs." —Gourmet

"A Striking new book on kaiseki cuisine by one of Japan’s top chefs and restaurateurs…. The recipes give insights into the mechanics of a little-understood culinary world." –Financial Times

"Visually stunning…. Each dish is a beautiful example of the Japanese cooking art form, Kaiseki." —Kirkus Reviews

"It is an art form…. Full of a collection of carefully formed recipes and photographs of artfully presented dishes." —The Globalist.com