Lulu's Library, Volume 1 (Hardcover)

Lulu's Library, Volume 1 By Louisa May Alcott Cover Image

Lulu's Library, Volume 1 (Hardcover)


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A CHARMING Storybook for children by LOUISA MAY ALCOTT.

LULU'S LIBRARY, VOLUME I by AMERICAN author LOUISA MAY ALCOTT is a book of short stories for children first published in 1886 in the UNITED STATES.

Stories included in "Lulu's Library, Volume I," include "A Christmas Dream, and How it Came True," "The Candy Country," and "A Hole in the Wall.

Sneak Peak

'The tree looked as if made of glass or colored sugar; for she could see through the red cherries, the green leaves, and the brown branches. An agreeable smell met her nose; and she said at once, as any child would, "I smell candy " She picked a cherry and ate it. Oh, how good it was --all sugar and no stone. The next discovery was such a delightful one that she nearly fell off her perch; for by touching her tongue here and there, she found that the whole tree was made of candy. Think what fun to sit and break off twigs of barley sugar, candied cherries, and leaves that tasted like peppermint and sassafras '
Title Details

  • Originally published in 1886.
  • Short stories for children

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