Behind a Mask, or A Woman's Power (Hardcover)

Behind a Mask, or A Woman's Power By Louisa May Alcott Cover Image

Behind a Mask, or A Woman's Power (Hardcover)


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Behind a Mask by AMERICAN author LOUISA MAY ALCOTT is a novella-length work of literary fiction first published in 1866 in the UNITED STATES.

THE SENSATIONAL classic story showcases the expert manipulations of a femme fatale, the governess Jean Muir who insinuates herself into the good graces of the Coventry family.

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'For several days Coventry was confined to his room, much against his will, though everyone did their best to lighten his irksome captivity. His mother petted him, Bella sang, Lucia read, Edward was devoted, and all the household, with one exception, were eager to serve the young master. Jean Muir never came near him, and Jean Muir alone seemed to possess the power of amusing him. He soon tired of the others, wanted something new; recalled the piquant character of the girl and took a fancy into his head that she would lighten his ennui.'

The story belongs with many other thrillers and mysteries that Alcott published under the pseudonym A.M. Barnard. The story touches on themes of social class, acting and the struggle for agency. "Behind A Mask" is considered a masterpiece by Alcott in the genre of sensation fiction. The story is set during the Victorian era, at the Coventry Mansion. The family's hiring of a governess sets off a chain of events. Jean Muir, an actress masquerading as a governess, becomes Lady Coventry, in this twist on the classic plot of governess character.
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  • Originally published in 1866
  • Sensation fiction, Novella

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