If I Could Reach You 4 (Paperback)

If I Could Reach You 4 By tMnR Cover Image

If I Could Reach You 4 (Paperback)

By tMnR


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This is book number 4 in the If I Could Reach You series.

In this heartwrenching new yuri manga, a teenage girl comes to terms with her own sexuality through her crush on her brother's wife.


Ever since Uta opened up to her during their getaway, Kaoru finds it more and more difficult to face her. Knowing full well why Kaoru's been evasive, Uta finds ways to keep busy at school, at work, and with her friends. But before Kaoru can figure out how to move forward, Uta and Reiichi's mother returns to Japan--and soon, Uta might be whisked away for good.
If I Could Reach You is tMnR's debut series and the artist's first series published in English. It ran in the pages of Yurihime magazine, Japan's most popular home for serialized yuri stories.
Product Details ISBN: 9781632369376
ISBN-10: 1632369370
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: March 24th, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: If I Could Reach You
[If I Could Reach You depicts a] specific kind of pain a lot of queer people, me included, have experienced… It has a lacerating psychological acuity… a tonally diverse slice of life that captures many kinds of moments, both happy and sad…deals with complicated, difficult issues with a sensitivity and grace you rarely see." -Anime News Network

"An emotional maelstrom…far from the warm, bubbly love stories that have seen recent success in [the yuri genre]. A truly touching tale, with tight writing and stunning artwork." -Anime UK News

"A phenomenal and emotional devastating yuri manga…beautifully told. It is rare for a manga to so effectively and effortlessly communicate the wretched feelings of its characters." -Yuri Mother