Charter World (Paperback)

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Charter World (Paperback)


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The exciting romantic sci-fi adventure of Worlds Apart continues the saga of the empire's exiled heiress, Jennifer Hendricks, in the dangerous untamed wildlands of Planos in Charter World.

Oblivious of events happening in the territory of Taric's ancestral home, Jennifer embraces life in the high grasslands of their isolated mountain home. Unaware as the cool spring days warmed into the hot days of summer, the land below their home would become deadlier than she or her native husband, Taric, could ever imagine.

A meteor, an insightful thesis, and a surprising preglacial landmass thrust Planos to the forefront of the empire's attention. When an act of treason ensnares Empress Isabella in a web of deception, she struggles to unravel a conspiracy, which threatens the Charter's integrity, the empire's future, and all human life on Planos.

Product Details ISBN: 9781638602736
ISBN-10: 1638602735
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: January 14th, 2022
Pages: 346
Language: English