The Archer's Thread (Paperback)

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The Archer's Thread (Paperback)


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A "gripping, intense and romantic" thriller about seeing the future, escaping the past, and finding redemption.

Simon Lyons has it all: good looks, intelligence, a steady job. He can also see ten seconds into the future. His employers think his skill is quite useful. Only he knows it drives him insane. Desperate for a cure, he walks away from everything and disappears to Boston, the last place he called home. He spends his days drinking to forget, taking his anger out on petty criminals, and failing to kill himself. A book from his past leads him to a young college professor who unexpectedly mutes his condition-the first person in ten years to make him normal. Determined to find a cure, Simon enters Doctor Kelly Austin's life, manipulating everyone around her in search of sanity and peace.

That's when his former life finds him, stopping at nothing to keep the origins of his skill hidden. When someone threatens the woman who mutes his condition, Simon must choose: a familiar and violent past, or the terror and sacrifice of redemption.

The Archer's Thread blends action, scientific intrigue, romantic suspense, and psychological tension in a genre-defying thrill ride. Readers who wonder how Lee Child would've written Anthony Doerr's About Grace will love this gripping debut.

Even if you can see the future, you can never escape your past.

Product Details ISBN: 9781641115896
ISBN-10: 1641115890
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: August 10th, 2021
Pages: 476
Language: English