The Art of Public Speaking (Paperback)

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The Art of Public Speaking (Paperback)

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Things to Think Of First-A Foreword

Chapter I Acquiring Confidence Before An Audience

Chapter Ii The Sin Of Monotony

Chapter Iii Efficiency Through Emphasis And Subordination

Chapter Iv Efficiency Through Change Of Pitch

Chapter V Efficiency Through Change Of Pace

Chapter Vi Pause And Power

Chapter Vii Efficiency Through Inflection

Chapter Viii Concentration in Delivery

Chapter Ix Force

Chapter X Feeling And Enthusiasm

Chapter Xi Fluency Through Preparation

Chapter Xii The Voice

Chapter Xiii Voice Charm

Chapter Xiv Distinctness And Precision Of Utterance

Chapter Xv The Truth About Gesture

Chapter Xvi Methods of Delivery

Chapter Xvii Thought And Reserve Power

Chapter Xviii Subject And Preparation

Chapter Xix Influencing By Exposition

Chapter Xx Influencing By Description

Chapter Xxi Influencing By Narration

Chapter Xxii Influencing By Suggestion

Chapter Xxiii Influencing By Argument

Chapter Xxiv Influencing By Persuasion

Chapter Xxv Influencing the Crowd

Chapter Xxvi Riding The Winged Horse

Chapter Xxvii Growing a Vocabulary

Chapter Xxviii Memory Training

Chapter Xxix Right Thinking and Personality

Chapter Xxx After-Dinner and Other Occasional Speaking

Chapter Xxxi Making Conversation Effective

Fifty Questions for Debate

Thirty Themes for Speeches, With Source-References

Suggestive Subjects for Speeches; Hints for Treatment

Speeches for Study and Practise

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Publication Date: February 24th, 2022
Pages: 322
Language: English