After: The Grief Journey And What To Expect (Paperback)

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After: The Grief Journey And What To Expect (Paperback)


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This book is was written for those suffering a profound loss or trying to support someone in that situation. It is mean to be a practical tool for all of those who are silently suffering and aren't familiar with the grip which grief has over them. It specifically outlines the author's personal journey when she abruptly lost her 29-year-old son. It is intended to present what might occur so that the reader can become more aware. Some ideas presented are natural, others might be less frequent.

It's a candid look at the emotions, regrets and the stumbling through the days ahead. It presents the raw thoughts and uncertainties which may lie deep in the individual but never spoken. During the grief process, it was difficult to know if the feelings felt were "normal". It was also difficult to find the right support systems needed while re-evaluating current relationships and situations.

The book is to simply provide a voice to the grief so that anyone affected can go through it a bit more successfully. Eventually, while gaining personal strength, it will allow the reader to articulate the loss and find eventual joy and meaning. Yes, joy.

While grieving is a deeply personal voyage laced with a myriad of emotions, the common ground is that the journey needs to be honored and felt. It's true that no one experiences grief in the same way. Grief is intensely personal but by being self-aware and sensitive to the dynamics which may be at play, provides strength and resilience.

Everyone will eventually lose someone in their lives, feel the pain and wrestle with the fluctuating emotions which arise. They feel grief because they loved. That gift is to be celebrated, revered and forever honored. Yes, is true. Grief is the price you pay for loving. Embrace every moment. It is the tribute to the one lost. They earned it

Product Details ISBN: 9781662909115
ISBN-10: 166290911X
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: April 11th, 2021
Pages: 136
Language: English