Gastric Band Hypnosis Guide 2021: Stop Binge Eating and Lose Weight (Paperback)

Gastric Band Hypnosis Guide 2021: Stop Binge Eating and Lose Weight Cover Image

Gastric Band Hypnosis Guide 2021: Stop Binge Eating and Lose Weight (Paperback)


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Gastric Band Hypnosis Guide 2021

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Do you desperately wish to lose weight but your huge appetite has constantly made it impossible to follow any diet?

Do you think you have to resort to a gastric band surgery, but are afraid of the scalpel?

If the answer is yes, then, do keep reading...

Just as a gastric band restricts the amount of food you eat, the "Hypnotic Gastric Band" method can help you do the same, but using your mind and hypnosis instead, so that you will be able to shrink your stomach without ever going under the knife

Certainly you are wondering: "How is this even possible?"...Well, the answer is right in this Book.

With the Gastric Band Hypnosis Guide 2021 sessions that we present you, you will mentally undergo a surgical procedure that simulate the insertion of a gastric band into your stomach, that will shrink its capacity and it will help you feel full faster.

And since it is not an actual surgery, it's 100% safe and with no side effects

The "Hypnotic Gastric Band" effectively convinces your subconscious mind that your stomach is smaller and needs less food.

Although long-lasting weight loss and the control of the subconscious mind are quite complex subjects, this book will show you, precisely and in-depth, how to succeed in both areas.

But without getting complicated and boring.

It will keep things simple with a common sense and everyday approach, that will make the informations and the techniques easy to apply to yourself and to your life-style.

More precisely, this book will address:

The gastric band hypnotherapy, including what it is all about, what it entails, how effective it is in weight loss and how it compares with gastric band surgery

How hypnotherapy and hypnosis works for weight loss

Healthy habits to lose weight in just few days

How it is possible for virtual gastric band therapy to make weight loss easier than all of the other diets

How to succed in training your brain to stop binge eating

How to incorporate hypnosis into your weight loss strategy, with powerful hypnotic suggestions that will help you lose weight easily

How to keep fit after your weight loss

...And so much more

Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book

Product Details ISBN: 9781667114859
ISBN-10: 1667114859
Publisher: Mark Nelson
Publication Date: May 6th, 2021
Pages: 200
Language: English