God Didn't Need Another Angel (Paperback)

God Didn't Need Another Angel By Brooklyn Thompson Cover Image

God Didn't Need Another Angel (Paperback)


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"All of a sudden, as our doctor was looking at the ultrasound, another doctor came into the room. He asked the other physician to sit and look. I remember them saying something about looking for fetal heart rhythms. Again, this was all slow motion to me, and it didn't feel real. Then, the second physician turned to me and put his hand on my leg and said softly, 'I'm so sorry, ' as he got up and left."

Going through a tragic loss can be heartbreaking and devastating. While grieving, you never expect people to inadvertently hurt you by saying something like, "Well, God just needed another angel." How could a comment spoken from a compassionate heart be so hurtful to someone suffering a loss? It's hurtful because it's untrue. Take a journey with me as I share our story of tragedy when we lost our firstborn son, Andrew, as well as the year following his death, where God walked us through grieving and sorting out truth from lies. Do our loved ones become angels when they die? Is death God's plan for some people? You will see the answers to these questions and more as we look in God's Word. You will learn what to say to people grieving and what is better left unsaid. And, if you've experienced loss, you'll learn God's blueprint for grieving, how to let God piece your broken heart back together, and how to turn a tragedy into a testimony

Product Details ISBN: 9781685560850
ISBN-10: 1685560857
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2022
Pages: 118
Language: English