Nurture for the Nurturer (Paperback)

Nurture for the Nurturer By Larita Taylor, Delano Taylor (Artist) Cover Image

Nurture for the Nurturer (Paperback)


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Nurture for the Nurturer, is a supplemental guide that provides motivational fuel for the emotionally and physically spent mother during the initial days of breastfeeding and beyond. Each day's entry is likened to a well- balanced meal for the mother's soul and therefore is divided into the sections of a full course meal: appetizer, entr e, refreshment and sometimes dessert. The appetizer consists of emotionally stimulating anecdotes that serve to wet the mother's palate for the heartier entr e composed of technical facts and evidence-based research about breastfeeding. The entr e is followed by refreshment in the form of spiritual meditations that compare the mechanics of breastfeeding to how God nurtures the soul of mankind. Acknowledging the time-crunched reality of the mother of a newborn who may be balancing competing responsibilities, the daily entry can be "consumed" in 15 minutes leaving as much time for reflection as the mother desires.

Why 12 days? Research shows that many women discontinue breastfeeding within the first two weeks if their challenges are not addressed. Also, only 16% of working mothers in the USA have access to paid maternity leave and a startling 23% of working mothers return to work 10 days after having their baby, so the 12 days' worth of material addresses the most common challenges faced by mothers during breastfeeding to ensure they get a good start. A special emphasis is placed on women from marginalized communities, which includes minority women in the USA and women living in non-traditional settings like prisons or detention centers, who may need additional emotional and/or environmental support to overcome barriers to breastfeeding. The appendices equip mothers with the knowledge of breastfeed advocacy and support organizations, birth and post-partum support and an overview of the laws in each US state and territory that support a woman's ability to breastfeed or pump her breastmilk in a variety of public and private settings including prison.

Consider this book a soul food supplement for breastfeeding mothers.

Product Details ISBN: 9781734204230
ISBN-10: 1734204230
Publisher: Twenty One Sixty Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: July 20th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English