The Translucent Boy and the Children of Ice (Paperback)

The Translucent Boy and the Children of Ice By Tom Hoffman Cover Image

The Translucent Boy and the Children of Ice (Paperback)


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New Release - Final book of The Translucent Boy series
Odo and Sephie unexpectedly attend the Bedford Falls Flower Show, discovering a time-bending embroidered sampler from 1749 and a desperate plea for help from Solis, an unearthly white-haired girl with astonishing powers. Sephie discovers a devious professor at Pravus University is holding a formshifting alien prisoner.

An extraordinary chain of events sends the gang of unlikely superheroes to the chaotic apocalyptic world of Suvon, as they attempt to uncover the source of Solis' incredible powers and end the reign of terror brought about by one egomaniacal robot and the deadly, mindless Children of Ice.

Product Details ISBN: 9781736281697
ISBN-10: 1736281690
Publisher: Tom Hoffman Graphic Design
Publication Date: January 25th, 2023
Pages: 338
Language: English