Back Home: Logan and the Crystal Sword Series (Hardcover)

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Back Home: Logan and the Crystal Sword Series (Hardcover)


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Was it all his fault? Being thrown back in time? Did winning the artifact have something to do with the entire campsite traveling back in time with him?

13-year-old Logan and his best friend Corry are on a long weekend survival camp, with a bunch of others around his age, in rural New Zealand. But the advert about the survival weekend said nothing about going back in time. They, along with everyone else at the camp, were not only in the past but also on the other side of the world.

With no obvious way back and no help from a nearby medieval village. They escape to a safe place; beginning a new life in the forest until forces beyond their control threaten everything they worked for. Forces who have their eye on the artifact strapped to Logan's back. Will Logan fight to keep the artifact or give it up to save those who traveled to the past with him?

There is also the matter of finding a way home without adult guidance, made more challenging by the shadows that only Logan can see. How long will they have to stay in the past, in a time not known for its easy way of life, and how many changes can they make before it affects the future? Surviving the 14th century will require all the courage, skills, and luck they can muster.

A time travel adventure, where every decision they must make by themselves, every risk balanced against their safety from a power-hungry local lord, and an unlikely trip back home to New Zealand.

US Version

Product Details ISBN: 9781738606344
ISBN-10: 1738606341
Publisher: A G Brown
Publication Date: September 29th, 2023
Pages: 344
Language: English