The God of the Machine (Paperback)

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The God of the Machine (Paperback)


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"Having read Isabel Paterson, I was not only influenced but convinced that a philosophy that embraced personal liberty, private property, and sound money was the only political philosophy worth championing." -- Ron Paul in "End The Fed"

The God of the Machine "does for capitalism what Das Kapital does for the Reds and what the Bible did for Christianity." -- Ayn Rand

In "The God of the Machine," Isabel Paterson makes a comprehensive case arguing in favor of individual rights, free trade, and free markets. Considered a foundational work on the subject of individualism and libertarianism, it is said to have influenced Ayn Rand, Russel Kirk, William F. Buckley, and Ron Paul.

Product Details ISBN: 9781773239170
ISBN-10: 1773239171
Publisher: Must Have Books
Publication Date: December 9th, 2022
Pages: 296
Language: English