Nuclear War Survival Skills (Paperback)

Nuclear War Survival Skills By Cresson H. Kearny Cover Image

Nuclear War Survival Skills (Paperback)


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This book is written for the average person with the average items in a house or apartment. This is called EXPEDIENT CIVIL DEFENSE. You use what you have to protect and provide for yourself and family. Everything around you is a resource, you just have to understand how a bucket, a towel, rocks and clay can filter nuclear fallout out of water (it does ) and what everything else in your house or residence can do. That's why this book is good for any disaster, in any big disaster what is lost is the infrastructure that provides for us. Electricity, water, communications, sewage, transportation. This book show YOU HOW to cope and survive with what you have. This book can save your life.

Product Details ISBN: 9781778129117
ISBN-10: 1778129110
Publisher: Interbooks
Publication Date: January 1st, 1987
Pages: 316
Language: English