So You Will Believe (Paperback)

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So You Will Believe (Paperback)


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Themes in the Old Testament that took place literally and locally are examples of what will take place spiritually and globally in our time of the Church Age.

This book helps us to understand these themes, symbols, and beauty of the messages in the Bible that flow from Genesis to Revelation-"So You Will Believe" These themes lead up to and culminate in the second coming of Jesus.

I hope that this understanding of where we are in history, with our beliefs, will bring a sense of urgency to our spiritual lives and decisions, as well as a huge desire to tell others. But with this urgency will come great joy and peace which will cause us to praise God as we recognize His ceaseless love for us and His power to make us Right with Him through His Son Jesus Christ God Bless you all

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Publication Date: September 5th, 2022
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