Am I Dreaming?: The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality, and Beyond (Paperback)

Am I Dreaming?: The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality, and Beyond Cover Image

Am I Dreaming?: The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality, and Beyond (Paperback)


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When a computer goes wrong, we are told to turn it off and on again. In Am I Dreaming?, science journalist James Kingsland reveals how the human brain is remarkably similar. By rebooting our hard-wired patterns of thinking—through so-called "altered states of consciousness"—we can gain new perspectives into ourselves and the world around us. From shamans in Peru to tech workers in Silicon Valley, Kingsland provides a fascinating tour through lucid dreams, mindfulness, hypnotic trances, virtual reality and drug-induced hallucinations. An eye-opening insight into perception and consciousness, this is also a provocative argument for how altered states can significantly boost our mental health.
James Kingsland is a science journalist with more than 25 years' experience working for publications including New Scientist and Nature. Most recently he was a commissioning editor and Science Production Editor for the Guardian. He is the author of Siddhartha's Brain: Unlocking the Ancient Science of Enlightenment.
Product Details ISBN: 9781786495532
ISBN-10: 1786495538
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English
"Kingsland does a wonderful job of succinctly conveying complex theories." —Philosophy Now

"James Kingsland leads us through the wonderful world of modern consciousness science. This book is many splendored—read it so you can take part in one of the greatest intellectual adventures of all time." —Professor J. Allan Hobson, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

"A fascinating, eye-opening insight into how an alteration of consciousness can reboot our brains and improve our mental health and wellbeing. I highly recommend it." —Amanda Feilding, director of the Beckley Foundation

"Compelling and authoritative . . . Read this book." —Dr Ben Sessa, Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College and Consultant Psychiatrist

"Rigorously researched, elegantly crafted, and personally inspired, this is a wonderful contribution to the burgeoning field of neurophenomenology, where science meets spirit. Every page delivers an insight., Andrew Holecek, Author of The Power and the Pain

"Kingsland's book is a cursory but fascinating exploration of the neuroscience behind meditation, and he offers a wonderful starting point for further research and practice." —Publishers Weekly on Siddhartha's Brain

"A pleasure to read . . . This is a smart, accessible balance of philosophical teachings and brain science and how meditation can relate to everything from addiction to Alzheimer's disease." —Washington Times on Siddharta's Brain

"Fascinating . . . Whether you're a sceptic or a true believer, exploring Siddhartha's brain offers compelling insights and invites further questions about the potential of the human mind." —Chicago Tribune on Siddharta's Brain

"Brain science and Buddhist lore combine in this compelling treatise on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness." —Kirkus Reviews on Siddharta's Brain

"Reveals not only how mindfulness meditation can rewire the human brain and help us achieve a sense of spiritual fulfilment but also how we can easily integrate the practice into our daily lives." —Scientific American on Siddharta's Brain