Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women: Achieve Self-Esteem and Stop Emotional Eating (Paperback)

Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women: Achieve Self-Esteem and Stop Emotional Eating Cover Image

Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women: Achieve Self-Esteem and Stop Emotional Eating (Paperback)


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Sometimes mind and body communicate poorly or do not communicate at all, triggering possible problems of various types, including overweight. Body modeling begins when constructive and harmonious communication between the body and the brain is re-established. It is an unbeatable team that allows overcoming every goal if it works in perfect synchrony.

The famous Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo, to those who asked him how he could pull out of a block of similar marble masterpieces, answered: "I'm already in there, I do nothing but bring them to light".

According to this approach, each individual holds the secret of the ideal weight within himself. In every person, there is already potentially a line in shape that waits to manifest itself.

In other words, each of us already has the person we want to be, even on a physical level: it is enough to bring it out.

Hypnosis can help develop healthier habits and overcome many issues related to excessive food consumption. It can use suggestions that support more nutritious choices to help you live them not as limitations but as new strategies to achieve better psychophysical conditions, more energy, and vitality.

Would you like to discover how in an easy, effective, and long-term way?

In this book, you will:

Clearly Understand What Hypnosis for Weight Loss Is to help you feel motivated to follow a path that brings you to your ideal weight to see the correct nutrition with enthusiasm rather than as a source of deprivation.

Understand Why Motivation For Weight Loss Is Crucial To Achieve Your Goals. Losing weight requires motivation; among the thousands of people who undertake a slimming path, only a few achieve and maintain the expected results. Learn why inside.

Find a 21-Day Program to Lose Weight with Hypnosis to give you a clear and effective method to fit the program correctly and with great results.

Find out What Gastric Band Hypnosis Is and How It Works to clarify everything about this long-term technique that makes you lose weight naturally, without invasive and expensive surgery.

Discover A Detailed Section Of Common Questions about hypnosis to ensure you have a straightforward question to all your doubts to make every step the right and most effective way to get the best results.

... & Lot More

Have you ever thought about asking your unconscious mind for help to lose weight?

Yes, you read it right. The hypnosis for losing weight is based on this: your unconscious.

This guide will teach how to use hypnosis to boost your metabolism and lose weight, leaving you with a new healthy, long-term lifestyle which will give you the possibility to overcome your weight problems definitively in a natural, cheap way.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781802102550
ISBN-10: 1802102558
Publisher: Linda Lopez
Publication Date: May 27th, 2021
Pages: 318
Language: English