The Ultimate Gourmet Risotto Cookbook (Paperback)

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The Ultimate Gourmet Risotto Cookbook (Paperback)


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Why Rice Is So Important in Risotto

Risotto, at its most basic, is rice cooked in broth. Rice is the star here because it produces starch - the constant stirring during the cooking process rubs the starch off the surface of the rice, where it dissolves into and thickens the cooking liquid. Choosing a rice that doesn't have enough starch means that the hallmark creamy texture of a good risotto will never be achieved.

So what makes a good risotto rice? Look for rice that's short- to medium-grain in size, plump, and has a high amylopectin (starch) content. These types of rice also hold up well to the constant stirring - the final texture is soft, but has a slight chew at the center of each grain.

Types of Risotto Rice

A. Carnaroli: Called the "king" or "caviar" of risotto rice, chefs like to use this one for its great flavor and because each grain maintains its shape. It also produces the creamiest risotto and is more forgiving to cook with.

B. Arborio: This variety of rice is not as starchy as carnaroli, but it is the most widely available. This medium-grain rice can be easy to overcook or turn mushy, but with careful attention, can still make a great risotto.

C. Vialone Nano: This shorter-grain rice is grown in the Veneto region of Italy and cannot be grown with chemicals. It has a high starch content, cooks up more quickly than carnaroli, and yields very creamy risotto.

D. Baldo: Baldo rice is a plump, milled, short-grain rice grown in Turkey. The grains are starchy and can absorb lots of moisture, makes it very creamy and tender, and keeps its shape well when cooked. Baldo rice is a great choice for risotto, paella, and Turkish pilafs.

E. Cal riso: This is a medium grain rice. Once cooked, it becomes slightly soft and sticky, making it ideal for dishes where the grains need to hold up, like sushi, soups, or salads. Calrose rice also has a very mild flavor, meaning it can absorb any bold ingredients, such as herbs and spices, with ease

F. Maratelli: Maratelli rice is a variety that was selected naturally from the fields of Asigliano Vercellese in northwestern Italy. It is an early-ripening variety and is part of the group of 'semi-fine' rice.

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