Best Business Tool: The Better Passive income (Hardcover)

Best Business Tool: The Better Passive income By Jaxon Trafford Cover Image

Best Business Tool: The Better Passive income (Hardcover)


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Passive Income Freedom

Is it real + possible? Do you need a lot of money or special skills? Can anyone achieve this? Are there top home-based business options?

If you ever asked these questions, this book will give you answers and show you in 23 Step-by-Step Blueprints that - yes - Passive Income Freedom is definitely real and achievable for everyone:

Including YOU

Even as a total beginner.

What you will not find in this book are get rich quick schemes or inflated promises.

This book is not for lazy people or tricksters trying to beat the system.

These are solid, proven passive income blueprints that do take work in the beginning and certainly have a learning curve.

Like anything worth having.


If you every wondered: How do I start a passive income business,

all the stepsof how to start a passive income business...

and (very important for many people):

Can you start a passive income business at home?

Then this book will be an amazing resource. Taking you by the hand and giving you:

A Tour-de-Force Ride through the many - vastly different - realms ofpassive income entrepreneurship.

So you know what's out there. What the best ways to make passive income are, including many home-based online business ideas, and you can then decide which path to choose - with - an action plan in place on how to get there.

Don't worry, these are fun...: )

As always with SassyZenGirl books - including the Work from Home Series - great business info doesn't have to be dull and boring.

You will smile, you will be excited - and - you will have a sound passive income strategy in place once you finish this book

So...if you are ready for FREEDOM

- Ready to get out of the rat race and the drudgery of boring, unfulfilling jobs,

- Ready to get out under that pile of debt and bills to pay,

- Ready to become the person you were meant to be

- with the freedom to pursue your passions and

- share some AWEsome with the world...

Product Details ISBN: 9781806200931
ISBN-10: 1806200937
Publisher: Jaxon Trafford
Publication Date: June 6th, 2023
Pages: 358
Language: English